DonTV – A Non-Mainstream Media Outlet.

By George Ware

At this point in time, we live in a hotspot on the timeline of media history. There has never been so much choice and independent opportunity in the media community thanks to new technology. The Internet and new technology has been a huge enabling factor in giving the everyday person the means to start their own media outlet.

Sean Kennedy is a Doncaster native and has used the new technology and the Internet to create  his own local media company, Don TV. According to Sean Kennedy, Don TV is a “local community Internet TV channel… that’s centered round Doncaster, trying to promote Doncaster because there’s very little promotion bigging up Doncaster and what promotion there is it’s normally negative”.  Don TV charges anyone who wants to have a video produced and displayed on their website to help promote the local community. For example they’ve recently done a video about the local initiate for the re-homing of dogs.

One of the reasons Sean has been able to set up Don TV is thanks to the new technology and websites that have been introduced over the last couple of years. Mr Kennedy said: “Well if you think about it, 10 years ago, nobody used to watch YouTube like they do now. YouTube has now taken it’s place as a proper TV channel… so where that was once niche is now the norm and all the stuff that’s coming up now will be the norm in the next 5 years”.

Shaun also noted on the way in which traditional media is adapting as he said: “Radio stations now, there not just Radio stations there also a TV streaming service because you can watch their webcam. They also go out and do live stuff on Facebook Live and Periscope and it’s just the normal thing now”. Sean agreed that we are definitely seeing a shift from traditional mainstream media outlets like TV to the Internet.

It’s clear to see that modern day media has seen a substantial shift from traditional news media. Independent, non-mainstream media outlets seem to be on the rise and it all has to be attributed the Internet and helpful technology like computers and mobile phones. What they’re doing wouldn’t have been possible 20 years ago and there is nothing wrong with having more helpful, local media outlets.

Visit Don TV –


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