Colchester Beer Festival

By George Ware

January 27th 2017 played host to the 10th annual Winter Beer Festival at the Colchester Arts Centre. As a copious beer drinker, this festival presented itself as the perfect opportunity to wet my pallet with all kinds of beers and ales from all across East Anglia.

After paying the fairly reasonable fee of £20 for a drinking card and a glass, I was presented with barrel upon barrel of beer from wall to wall with a crowd of slightly sloshed seniors mingling and tasting what the festival had to offer.

The venue that accommodated the event was the Colchester Art Centre. Formerly the St Mary at the Walls Church, the building is very archaic and suited the festival very well. I had an overwhelming feeling of being in a small village somewhere in East Anglia rather than the centre of Colchester.

Over 140 real ales were on offer, along with ciders other beers, while one section of the festival presented only Belgian beers while another showcased different wines. After a bit of a search, the strongest ale I was able to find was a porter called the Good King Henry. Coming in at a whopping 9.6%, after only half a pint it practically blew my head off. After this I decided to call it a day.

To sum up, the festival was really good fun for both experienced ale drinkers and people like me who were trying new drinks for the first time. It was a great time, especially with friends and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who fancies a good laugh and drink next year.

Venue –


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